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Attic insulation

While deciding to adapt the attict for living, first of all we should think about warming the roof.

In old houses, which attics were not used, the roof slopes may be un-waterproof. In the past it was mostly papa attached to a rigid shell – the roof were covered with tile or slate roof.

If there is no insulation, we have to lay it down. If you do not plan replacment of the roof sheathing, it is possible to place the insulating foil also from the inside.

Vapor barrier foil should be placed to the rafters before warming. Foil is recommended if you want to insulate the attic with mineral wool.

Another very good alternative is to screw the plasterboards to the rafters with insulation foam – called kingspan. For being more efficienc is also recommended to place boards of kingspan K17 between the rafters.

Attic ventilation

The ventilation of the attic is very important. As well as during heating season and after it we should take care of proper air circulation. The use of ventilators in the roof is necessary, as it solves the problem of air flow in a certain energy efficient and comfortable.

Attic floor

Wooden ceiling, which stem is design by parallel spaced beams, creates some limitations. Most often used in conjunction with getting boarding or sheathing of wood-based panels 2-2.5 cm thickness, which forms a stable foundation for future floor.

Partition walls in the attic are usually lightweight frame construction with wooden beams. It is the best solution and the only acceptable one when the attic has a wooden ceiling .

In the lower parts of the attic we can place crates or boxes. Convenient access to them requires a lot of space which we can get by separating the vertical walls of crawl spaces under the roof. Otherwise, the lowest part of the attic you will need to finish and heat. Good solution can be also installation of sliding doors.

The bathroom in the attic

The bathrooms on the top floor are mostly very small. The method of finishing slope has a decisive influence on the arrangement of the whole interior. The safest option is to paint the bevels white. This color reflects most of the light does not compete well with any other color used in the interior.

We should not finish pitched hipped by tiles. This justification is not only aesthetic but also practical – as roof work, tiles can crack and even fall off.

If you want to get the largest possible areas for development we should think about the possibility of change construction of beams and rafters and also the posibility of conversion shape of roof.

Don’t waste attic space  any more. Change your loft into a living area.

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