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Enjoy the new space in your comfortable kitchen.

What is Bear Wall?

Modern materials and construction techniques allow you to transform walls and space – it is just a matter of cost, time and inconvenience of work.

If you are planning a bigger kitchen, you can demolish a wall in the living room what result in getting a larger space for the kitchen.

Any part of the load-bearing wall can be cut to give a transition, a large window and a spacious interior for the new kitchen. Relatively simple demolishing is just a breakout or widening holes in the masonry exterior walls.

If we want to delete a section of the wall we need to use binding joists. This is kind of beam “placed” at the underside of slabs or beams and extending in a direction perpendicular to them. Binding joists take some of the load, replacing a support which was previously wall. Under the binding joist may arise passage of a few meters, up to the total width of the room. Binding joists are made like lintels, before the demolition of the wall section. It is necessary to  stamp ceilings, in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Getting rid of the parts of the walls allows you to create a modern home interior. Removing parts of the supporting ceiling allow joists. In the finished interior it looks like a massive elemet under the ceiling is developing.

Knock down the wall now and make your kitchen bigger.

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