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Protect your property before storm damage.

Roofing services

There is nothing surprising in the fact that we are trying to do the roof: forever, the best,  durable and the prettiest.

While selecting slates or roof tiles most often follow aesthetic and similarities roofs in our neighborhood.

We have to remember about the technical conditions while selecting of roofing.

The weight of covering the roof decides about the cut of timber roof truss – rafters, which can pass on the entire load of the roof and transfers them to the walls of the building and years of which must be rigid enough not to bend under the weight of roof tiles or roofing slates. It depends on the opinion of the constructor if the rafters must be higher.

While replacing the roof covering the most important is the assessment of the old roof structure – it turns out repeatedly since the timber roof truss is damaged by factors such as a fire, water, moisture, bark beetles and is required for its maintenance or replacement.

All kind of roofs

  • New roofs
  • Replace roofs
  • Specialist in flat roofs
  • Torch On Felt
  • Storm damage
  • Repairs
  • Remove of leack
  • Roof conversions
  • Dormitory windows
  • Flashing,Slates,Roof Tiles.Gutters

While replacing the cover, e.g. because it slates roof tiles for may be the existing timber roof truss is unable to accept a burden of massive coverage and there are necessary changes in the structure of timber roof truss and strengthening the rafters.

We have already chosen the timber roof truss and roof tiles or slates, we should now to focus on the membrane of the roof, which has properties damp-proof.

After securing the vapor permeable membrane roof slope we can sleep peacefully.

If water will be unable to penetrate the cover, it drains thereafter to drainpipes.

On the other hand gathered on the attic steam successfully cross the lines pass through the insulation film to vent and from there disappears for a matter within the air.

Please visit our section about attic insulation where you will be able to get acquainted with the guidance about the roof and attic insulation.

Your roof is the first line of defense against winter.

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